: Russia's Satan II: West worried as Russia boasts of its world's biggest ICBM

14:04 May. 11, 2016

Russia's Satan II: West worried as Russia boasts of its world's biggest ICBM

A RS-24 Yars mobile intercontinental ballistic missile system rolls down Moscow's Red Square during a Victory Day military parade on May 9, Russia (Getty Images)

Moscow prepares to test nuclear-capable missile able to destroy entire country

Russia is getting ready to test its new world's biggest nuclear missile reportedly capable of wiping out a whole European nation or an American state in a matter of seconds.

The ‘RS-28 Sarmat', known as the ‘Satan II' according to the NATO classification, will replace existing Cold War-era R-36M2 Voyevoda (SS-18 Satan) ICBM—which is the largest such weapon ever built.

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According to Russia's defence ministry, the modernized variant of the ‘Satan' is about to be deployed to Siberia where it will undergo further testing and refinement. It is due to become fully operational in 2018.

Defence experts say RS-28 Sarmat has an operational range of around 10,000km - meaning European capitals, as well as the east and west coasts of the U.S., could be within its range.

The Russian news network Zvezda recently boasted that the missile is expected to be capable of delivering up to a dozen warheads, allowing to effectively destroy an area the "size of Texas or France."

Like other modern Russian ICBMs such as the Yars, Topol-M and the Bulava, the Sarmat is being designed specifically to overcome ballistic missile defenses. It might also be equipped with maneuvering warheads which would make it much more difficult to intercept.

The reports about Kremlin's new devastating weapon comes days after Russia showed off its military might in a Victory Day parade reminiscent of the Cold War Soviet military marches.

Reporting by The National Interest

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