: Russia shelled Ukraine hundreds of times in summer 2014 - Bellingcat

11:12 Apr. 18, 2016

Russia shelled Ukraine hundreds of times in summer 2014 - Bellingcat

Pro Russian rebels fire grad rockets on Ukrainian positions under orders of Olga Sergeevna, also known as Corsa, on February 13, 2015 in Debaltseve, Ukraine (Getty Images)

Journalists confirm Kremlin used artillery to target positions of Ukrainian soldiers at the border

Russia shelled Ukraine more than 300 hundred times in the summer of 2014.

Moscow ordered its servicemen to position artillery near the Ukrainian border and launch fire at the soldiers, who guarded the line at the time.

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This is according to the investigative journalist organisation Bellingcat.

"We investigated the summer attacks in Donbas. Satellite data allowed us to conclude that Russia had used 'Grad' rocket systems to attack the Ukraine's forces hundreds of times", said Eliot Higgins, the head of Bellingcat, in an interview with German TV Channel ARD.

Higgins adds Russian artillery targeted five different areas in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. These facts were confirmed by various video files and the comments of the witnesses who were present at the site of the attacks.

Ukraine accuses the Kremlin of direct military involvement in the conflict in Donbas. In particular, Kyiv reported the facts when 'Grad' multiple rocket launchers located in Rostov and Belgorod regions in Russia repeatedly attacked the positions of the Ukrainian servicemen.

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Earlier Bellingcat claimed Moscow had sent its forces to try and take control of Mariupol and its surroundings. According to the journalists, Russian troops entered Ukraine to help the separatists also seize Novoazovsk, a town located on the Ukrainian-Russian border.







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