: Russia to deploy Iskander missiles in Europe's backyard to counter NATO

14:13 Jun. 25, 2016

Russia to deploy Iskander missiles in Europe's backyard to counter NATO

The 9K720 Iskander (NATO reporting name SS-26 Stone) , a mobile theater ballistic missile system is rolled out during the Victory Day parade in Red Square, on May 9, 2011 in Moscow, Russia. (GettyImages Photo)

Nuclear capable systems to be stationed in Russia's Kaliningrad, according to country's official

Russia is increasing its military presence near its neighbours' borders. According to the country's official and former Black Sea fleet chief Vladimir Komoyedov, Moscow is planning to send its nuclear capable Iskander missile systems to Kaliningrad.

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The decision is aimed at strengthening Russia's position in its confrontation against NATO.

"Kaliningrad is our frontline in the west, the main base of the Baltic fleet, which is pressured by the NATO states from all sides. Our plans to deploy the Iskander systems there have been announced several times", Komoyedov said in an interview with Interfax, according to Deutsche Welle.

As the official stated, Russia wasn't going to confine itself to the Iskanders only. He said, the country was also strengthening its fleet by adding new ships and military vehicles.

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The Iskander missile systems are capable of hitting targets, located 500 kilometres away from the launch site. Earlier Russia sent these complexes to Kaliningrad two times for military drills, but after that they were returned to their main base, according to Reuters.

Moscow's intention to deploy the missiles in Kaliningrad have triggered cautiousness from the Western officials.

"By placing the systems there you cover not only the Baltic states, but also most of the Poland's territory. Kaliningrad is troubling us", former US Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer said recently.

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