: Russia to send 51st illegal 'humanitarian convoy' to Donbas

11:58 Mar. 27, 2016

Russia to send 51st illegal 'humanitarian convoy' to Donbas

Trucks of a Russian humanitarian aid convoy enter the city of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine Oct. 31, 2014. (AP Photo)

Ukrainian officials suspect truck convoys ferry Russian soldiers and weapons

Russia's Emergencies Ministry will send its 51st humanitarian aid convoy to the troubled Donbas region, the Minister Vladimir Puchkov said Saturday, according to Russian news agency TASS.

"Currently we are preparing the convoy, particularly at the territory of the Noginsk rescue center," Puchkov said, adding that the date of dispatch has not been defined yet as it is being accorded with Ukrainian colleagues and international organizations, TASS wrote.

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According to Puchkov, Russia will continue to deliver 'humanitarian cargos' to Donbas. The official added that the situation in the region is getting better as "infrastructure is being improved and the economic entities are being restored, which is a challenging mission though it is being implemented."

Since August 2014, Russia has delivered 50 convoys containing more than 60,000 tonnes of 'humanitarian cargos' to Ukraine's Donbas region. Also, as Vladimir Puchkov said earlier on Saturday, "we've assisted in improving the social infrastructure." "We took care of hospitals, medical offices, and power engineering facilities. The infrastructure was restored to the minimum necessary extent in a short period of time," he added.

The Ukrainian side has repeatedly stressed that all freight coming from Russia in such convoys, which Moscow calls 'humanitarian', entered the territory of Ukraine illegally, without the consent of the government, in violation of national laws and internationally accepted practices.

Reporting by UNIAN.

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