: Russian-appointed 'Prosecutor' Poklonskaya suspends Crimean Tatar Mejlis

20:01 Apr. 13, 2016

Russian-appointed 'Prosecutor' Poklonskaya suspends Crimean Tatar Mejlis

Natalia Poklonskaya, Kremlin-appointed 'Prosecutor General of Crimea'. (Getty Images)

Russian occupiers claim Mejlis is an 'extremist organization'

The so-called 'Prosecutor of Crimea' Natalia Poklonskaya has suspended the Crimean Tatar Mejlis because it violates Russian law on countering extremist activities.

Poklonskaya explained the Mejlis is now prohibited from convening, using state or municipal mass media, holding public mass events, and making bank deposits. "All their propaganda will be prohibited," she added.

The Mejlis' activities will be suspended until the 'Republican Supreme Court' in Crimea decides on whether to prohibit the organization. During the April 8 session, the hearing was postponed. It is expected to continue on April 15.

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Various international human rights groups have repeatedly criticized the trial process. PACE representatives have stated the "Crimean government" wants to forbid Mejlis because it opposes the occupation of the peninsula.

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Several other Crimean Tatar activists are also on trial in Russia. They are under arrest for participating in mass demonstrations in Simferopol two years ago. The Russian prosecution is demanding 15 years in prison for all of the accused.


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