: Russian-backed leaders will not rule in Donbas - Ukraine's FM
Politics17:36 Jul. 6, 2016

Russian-backed leaders will not rule in Donbas - Ukraine's FM

Local elections to be held under Ukrainian and OSCE control, with no Russia intruding - Klimkin

Ukraine will never let the current leaders of Russian-backed separatists rule the Donbas region, even in case they are officially elected.

This is according to Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin who is currently holding a meeting with his Norwegian counterpart.

Kyiv is ready to fully implement the Minsk agreements, stresses Klimkin, but only after Russia withdraws its troops and heavy weapon along with returning total border control to Ukrainian border guards. The first issue to fulfil, insists Ukraine's Minister, is the immediate ceasefire and releasing the prisoners.

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After the Minsk agreements are fully implemented, says Klimkin, Ukraine will conduct the local elections on the freed territories of Donbas region. The process is to be controlled by Ukrainian authorities and OSCE, with no Russian intrusion into Ukraine's inner policy. 

On having gained the special status, the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk are set to be governed by Ukrainian citizens according to Ukrainian laws, with no influence from Kremlin.

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Pavlo Klimkin, Ukraine's Foreign Minister: "If we conduct the elections right here right now, we will simply legitimize those who are currently in power on the occupied territories of Donbas region. This means we will recognize the Russian-backed separatists as official authorities, thus accepting the conditions Russia desperately tries to impose."

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