: Russian-backed separatist forces increase numbers near Ukrainian positions
Politics14:43 Mar. 25, 2016

Russian-backed separatist forces increase numbers near Ukrainian positions

Local media reports more than a dozen killed servicemen during recent ceasefire violations

Russian-backed separatist forces are increasing their troops on the occupied territory of Donetsk region.

Nearly three thousand soldiers are said to be stationed at Yasynuvata which is the closest point the the Ukrainian-controlled Avdiivka.

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The shelling around the small town continues from the Russian-backed separatists' side; a number of Ukrainian losses reported. However, the local media claims more than a dozen servicemen have been killed.

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The day before the Ukrainian army stated they seized two military trucks from the Russian-backed militants. Earlier this week Russian-backed separatist forces did not allow OSCE monitors onto the occupied territory, fueling rumours of new attacks.


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