News from Ukraine: Russian-backed separatists increase shellings along the frontline
Politics17:29 Jul. 19, 2016

Russian-backed separatists increase shellings along the frontline

Ukraine's Intelligence Service reports catching radio talks of Russian militants from Altay region

The atmosphere at the Ukrainian eastern frontline is getting hotter every day. From the daybreak until evening the soldiers have to survive the boiling heat of 40 degrees above zero in the shade.

In the night though the conflict zone is burning on fire. Russian-backed separatist forces continue shelling the positions of Ukraine's National Guard with heavy weapon banned by the Minsk agreements close to Maryinka, the town to the west from Donetsk. In desperate efforts to approach the Ukrainian army they do not leave the local residents in peace.

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Antonina, resident of Maryinka: "I think I'll go crazy or get to the hospital! I was sleeping when this bomb flew here. My foodstuff and water are hidden in the cellar. What should I do?"

According to the commandment, the terrorists are not going to withdraw heavy weapon from the borderline even despite the Minsk agreements. The press officer of the 10th brigade says they hear the mortars shooting nearly every night, though according to the Minsk peace protocol there does not have to be a single grenade left in the conflict zone.

Yuriy Lelyavsky, press officer of 10th brigade: "Every night we hear these mortars shooting and firing our positions. But if you read the text of the Minsk agreements, there is no heavy weapon here. Total absurd."

The fighters' cars totally torn out by bombings, broken roofs and destroyed school building illustrate how Russian-backed separatist forces are willing to solve the war peacefully. Here are the belongings left after numerous shellings, their owners mostly killed by the enemy's missiles.

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Those left alive have to shoot back, in order to prevent Russian-backed terrorists from moving forward. Ukrainian soldiers say they are currently fighting against the occupants from Altay, that is Russia's region situated close to Kazakh and Mongolia border. This has been concluded from the radio conversation caught by Ukrainian intelligence service.

According to the military press office, the terrorists do not stop shelling the while zone along the frontline. Heavy shootings are reported from Luhansk region, as well as Mariupol frontline that is close to the Azov sea shore. The hottest point is said to be Avdiyivka industrial zone, in the north of Donetsk region.

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