Putin's war: Russian bombers practicing air strikes on Ukraine – Intel (map)

18:56 Oct. 28, 2016

Russian bombers practicing air strikes on Ukraine – Intel (map)

Russian bombers training near Ukrainian border (by gur.mil.gov.ua)

Russian strike aircrafts completed training along Ukrainian border on bombing strategic objects

The Russian Federation continues to prepare for a possible large-scale offensive against Ukraine including massive airstrikes strategic facilities, speaker of the Defence Intelligence Vadym Skibytskiy told in today's briefing in Kyiv.

"The Russian leadership does not give up its aggressive plans for Ukraine, continuing to prepare for a possible large-scale offensive against our country," he said.

"On October 26, using the obligations of the Republic of Belarus as an allied state, Russian combat aircraft worked out possible massive air strikes on strategic targets on the territory of Ukraine in the airspace of Belarus," Skibytskiy explained.

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By his data, along the state border of Ukraine in the airspace of Belarus Ukrainian Intel noted plane of distant radar detection and guidance A-50U, which was monitoring airspace in the north-western part of Ukraine and guided strike aircrafts. Those were strategic bomber Tu-160, two log range jet bombers Tu-22M3, and two close range bombers Su-34, completing training missions along the state border of Ukraine with training missile and bomb strikes.


‘In 2015, Russia conducted such exercises near the border with the Baltic states. In these circumstances, the Russian Federation continues to consider the possibility of armed confrontation with NATO and with our state. For this reason, Russia is enhancing its offensive capabilities on the North-West strategic direction in the Baltic region," press officer concluded.

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