Russian drills: Russia deploys special forces to Ukraine border as part of military drills
Politics19:28 Aug. 26, 2016

Russia deploys special forces to Ukraine border as part of military drills

Crews of military transport aircraft transfer special forces from the north-west of Russia to Southern Military District

15 combat ships of Russian navy enter the Black Sea. According to Russia's Defence Ministry, the commandment has relocated the vessels in order to check their military battle readiness. 10 more ships are now awaiting the orders in the Caspian Sea.

Military drills are also unfolding close to Ukrainian and Baltic borders, as well as on the occupied Crimean peninsula.

Lithuanian authorities already claimed that Russian military exercises contribute to the crisis escalation in the region. Vilnius says that conducting drills near Lithuanian borders is a mere provocation. Poland's Defence Ministry also called the urgent meeting in view of Russian possible provocations in Kaliningrad region, bordering Poland.

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Russia has started simultaneous military drills along the borders with neighbouring countries. Southern, Western and Central military regions, Northern fleet, and other army resources are set to remain on full combat alert. They will spend several days checking the forces readiness. After that, soldiers are going to move to training camps and other regions. The aim of the exercises is to check the army's ability to deploy self-reliant rapid response. The training is supposed to last until August 31.

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