: Russian FSB plans to force Crimean Tatar Mejlis Vice chairman into mental ward

12:35 Aug. 10, 2016

Russian FSB plans to force Crimean Tatar Mejlis Vice chairman into mental ward

Ilmi Umerov, the Vice Chairman of Crimean Tatar Mejlis (UNIAN Photo)

Moscow wants "forensic psychiatric evaluation" of Ilmi Umerov, who was arrested in Crimea after speaking out against annexation of peninsula

A Crimean court is to go into session regarding placing Mejlis Vice chairman Ilmi Umerov into a psychiatric hospital. The decision is expected to be made tomorrow, August 11. Russian FSB wants to force Umerov into the hospital for "forensic mental assessment".

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This is according to Crimean Tatar Mejlis rep Zair Smedlya. He uploaded the photo of the summons Russian FSB security service has sent to Umerov.

"I don't want to voluntarily undergo this procedure, it's not mandatory and I don't have any problems with my mental health. This is what was called punitive medicine in the Soviet Union", Umerov said, according to Hromadske.ua.

His lawyers promise to fight for their client's rights. They say that the forceful procedure could harm his health and cause cardiac problems.

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Umerov, though, doesn't seem to believe in the positive outcome.

"I don't have any illusions. The court will make the decision. We could appeal of course, but the Supreme Court will turn us down. And then they will force me into the ward", Umerov said.

Ilmi Umerov was arrested in Crimea on May 12, 2016. Russian FSB initiated a criminal investigation against him.

The security service said Umerov was accused of threatening the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. 

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