: Russian Government approves bill to limit Russians in traveling abroad

15:39 May. 13, 2016

Russian Government approves bill to limit Russians in traveling abroad

Razor wire marks the border between Hungary and Serbia September 7, 2015 in Horgas, Serbia. (Getty Images)

Russian citizens may be prohibited from going abroad on the basis of terrorism suspicion

The Russian government has given a positive response to the package of amendments to the law on countering terrorism, according to meduza.io.

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The bill, among other things, proposes to introduce additional restrictions for travel of Russians outside the Russian Federation. If the law is adopted, the authorities will be able to prohibit the departure of Russian citizens on the basis of suspicion of committing crimes of an extremist nature, i.e. before trial, reads the report.

According to the review, the Cabinet has no objections to this part of the document. The government recommended finalizing the draft law only in part related to the storage of information by telecom operators.

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Service providers are now obliged to store subscriber information and information about the services provided within three years. The bill proposes to oblige service providers to store data about the "facts of the reception, transmission, delivery and (or) voice information processing and text messages, including their contents, as well as images, sounds, or other messages." According to the Government, this part of the document "needs to be adjusted toward its reduction."

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