Ukraine-Russia Sea Confrontation: Russian guard vessel violates Ukrainian sea border
Politics17:42 Sep. 12, 2016

Russian guard vessel violates Ukrainian sea border

One more episode in a withstand near occupied Crimea

The sea war between Ukraine and Russia is not a nightmare any longer. It's now becoming more and more a reality.

Two ships came alongside one another in the Black sea last week: Ukrainian flagship Hetman Sahaidachny and Russian guard boat Smietlivy, which trespassed into Ukrainian territorial waters. The situation became tense, the commander of the flagship called for reinforcement with two armoured boats and supported by a helicopter gun ship. The vessels surrounded the enemy ship and forced it to leave Ukrainian territorial waters.

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And this was not the only incident last week. On Wednesday, September 7, Ukrainian border guard ship with Naftogaz inspectors, geologists and ecological patrol - went to explore the drilling platforms within Ukrainian territorial waters. Nevertheless, they received a very unwelcome reсeption - with two military ships and a helicopter from Russian occupational troops having to leave rather quickly.

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