Kremlin tries to disrupt US elections: Russian hackers aim to disrupt US election - Congress Intel Committees

18:21 Sep. 23, 2016

Russian hackers aim to disrupt US election - Congress Intel Committees

Russian hackers (Collage by

The hacks "could come only from very senior levels of the Russian government"

Two US lawmakers who are members of Intelligence committees of US Senate and Congress said Thursday that a spate of recent cyber attacks suggests Russia is trying to disrupt the November election, AFP reports.

"Based on briefings we have received, we have concluded that the Russian intelligence agencies are making a serious and concerted effort to influence the US election," Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Adam Schiff, both Democrats from California, say in a statement.

"At the least, this effort is intended to sow doubt about the security of our election and may well be intended to influence the outcomes of the election – we can see no other rationale for the behavior of the Russians," lawmakers say.

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US officials have stopped short of blaming Moscow for the wave of computer intrusions, but many analysts have said the attacks appear to be from Russian hackers.

Feinstein and Schiff, who receive classified briefings in their intelligence committees, said they believe that the hacks "could come only from very senior levels of the Russian government" and called in Russian President Vladimir Putin "to immediately order a halt to this activity."

"Americans will not stand for any foreign government trying to influence our election. We hope all Americans will stand together and reject the Russian effort," they said.

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The recent breach of Democratic National Committee data, along with other electronic intrusions, has raised concerns about cyber incidents that could affect the outcome of the US presidential race, or other contests. The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said one of the hacks had accessed an analytics data program.

Cybersecurity experts see a potential for more hacks and incidents in the coming months which could hurt the integrity of the election campaign.

As reported, US considers sanctions against Russia in response to hacks of Democratic groups. 

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