Minsk agreement violations: Russian mercenaries use banned artillery to destroy farm complex in Donbas (photo evidence incl.)

15:17 Aug. 17, 2016

Russian mercenaries use banned artillery to destroy farm complex in Donbas (photo evidence incl.)

Artillery shelling of Chermalyk (Photo source: Facebook/Press center of ATO)

Kremlin-backed occupation forces inflict heavy losses for Akhmetov & Novinsky's agricultural company in Ukraine-controlled village of Chermalyk

Yesterday night, Russian-controlled militants have fired 60 highly explosive shells, 122 mm caliber, to the vicinity of government-controlled village Chermalyk, stated by Lt. Col.  Vadym Bakay on August 19th. (Press officer of Ukrainian side of Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination). 19 shells fell on the territory of agricultural company SE "Illich Ahro Donbas", which suffered losses amounting to millions of hryvnias.

Among all, direct artillery shelling hit and completely destroyed a hangar, which seriously damaged the roof of the garage, and completely burnt down 4 modern agricultural tractors and a trailer. Explosions and shrapnel damaged the walls, windows, fences, 2 cars and one tractor. A direct hit also damaged the main power line, says press-officer.

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During this attack, one 122-mm shell did not explode and was found by the Joint Center's observers. "This is a great illustration of the fact that militants of illegal armed formations are cynically violating the ceasefire and the use of weapons, which should be driven away to the appropriate distance from the front line according to the Minsk agreements", stressed Lt. Col. Vadym Bakay.

Officers of the Ukrainian side of Joint Center in the presence of OSCE observers carefully documented the facts concerning the fire and published a number of photos from the scene, among them – an unexploded Russian artillery shell, found on the territory of the "Illich Ahro Donbas". The company itself belongs to the "HarvEast" holding, the main shareholders of which are the "System Capital Management" of Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov and "Smart Holding" of the so-called "Opposition Block" MP Vadim Novinsky. 

Also, yesterday the Special monitoring mission of OSCE reported about the increase in number of explosions in Donbas.

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