News from Ukraine: Russian occupation authorities unblock third checkpoint near Crimea

10:56 Aug. 10, 2016

Russian occupation authorities unblock third checkpoint near Crimea

Kalanchak checkpoint in Crimea (UNIAN Photo)

Earlier, Ukrainian border guards spotted Russia's military hardware, helicopters along checkpoints with annexed peninsula

On early August 10, Russian occupation authorities in Crimea opened the checkpoint Kalanchak, which was blocked for several days.

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The other two checkpoints Chaplynka and Chongar - near the administrative border between mainland Ukraine and the peninsula - now function in their regular mode.

This was reported by Andriy Hordeyev, head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, in his online interview with the TV channel '112 Ukraine'.

"Russian-occupation authorities unblocked all the checkpoints (between mainland Ukraine and Crimea). People and vehicles are allowed to cross the border in a regular mode," said Hordeyev.

At the same time, the head of the Kherson Regional State Administration urged Ukrainians not to travel to the territory of the annexed peninsula.

The situation got tense as the occupying authorities in Crimea blocked the checkpoints at the administrative border with mainland Ukraine on Sunday morning, August 7.

Later, witnesses reported that large amounts of Russian military hardware were massed near the towns of Dzhankoy and Armyansk in Crimea's north, close to the administrative border with mainland Ukraine.

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On early August 8, only one checkpoint out of three between mainland Ukraine and the occupied peninsula was opened. Ukrainian authorities deployed more military equipment and forces to strengthen Ukraine's army units near the administrative border with Crimea in response to Russia's military activities in the area.

Crimea was seized from Ukraine by Russia in February 2014. Ukraine's Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) officially declared February 20, 2014, a beginning of Russia's illegal occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol. Numerous world leaders strongly condemned the illegal annexation and launched a range of economic sanctions against Russia.

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