Arrests in Russia: Russian protester, who asked for asylum in Ukraine, detained in Moscow

16:52 Sep. 27, 2016

Russian protester, who asked for asylum in Ukraine, detained in Moscow

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Roman Roslovtsev is known for using a mask depicting President Putin during his demonstrations

A Russian protester, Roman Roslovtsev has been detained in Moscow after he organized a one-man demonstration on the city streets, RFE/RL reports.

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Roslovtsev was reportedly detained by a police officer as soon as he appeared at the Red Square.

He was seen holding a placard, saying ‘Not afraid 212.1', apparently referring to an article in Russia's Criminal Code, according to which a person could be sentenced to up to five years for ‘repeated violation of rules of public events'.

An activist Ildar Dadin was earlier convicted to spend 2,5 years in prison for violating this article.

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Roslovtsev, who requested a political asylum in Ukraine during his visit to the country last summer, is known for his public protests in Russia. During his previous demonstrations he used a mask depicting President Putin. 

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