: Russian puppets must cease fire at least for Easter - Poroshenko

11:58 Apr. 29, 2016

Russian puppets must cease fire at least for Easter - Poroshenko

Russian-backed separatists in Donetsk (UNIAN Photo)

Ukrainian President says upcoming holidays will test if Moscow belongs to Christian civilisation 

Ukraine will fully adhere to the ceasefire if the Russian-backed separatist forces stop their provocations. Kyiv hopes Moscow will come to its senses and won't attack the positions of the Ukrainian soldiers during the upcoming Easter holidays. This is according to Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko.

"These holidays will prove if Russia belongs to the Christian civilisation. To pass the test Russia and its puppets must fully respect the ceasefire at least for Easter", posted Poroshenko on Facebook. 

The President added, if Moscow agreed to do that, it could create conditions for total and permanent suspension of hostilities.

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The ceasefire violations have been reported since the first day the deal was agreed upon. According to Ukraine's Foreign Ministry, both soldiers and peaceful citizens have suffered from the military actions.

"Just on April 23, 4 Ukrainians died and 5 were wounded in militants' shelling. On April 28 we received information that another 3 citizens died and 7 were wounded", said Vadym Prystaiko, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

According to Francois Delattre, French representative to the U.N., 20 people have died during April. Overall around 9,300 have been killed since the beginning of the conflict. 

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