Russian spies in Sweden: Russian spy activity increases in Sweden

17:00 Sep. 21, 2016

Russian spy activity increases in Sweden

Soldiers on parade (Source:

Sweden media report about multiple espionage efforts of Russian spies, aimed at individual soldiers

The Swedish government is claiming Russia is using espionage on military establishments in the country, reports SVT. Incidents occur every week. Russian agents try to contact Swedish military personnel and squad leaders through Social Media pages and personally. Even more - at Lulea in the north of Sweden Russian individuals were threatening a NATO officer openly in a restaurant. They showed pictures of his family and demanded to provide information about ongoing NATO exercises. 

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Suspicious individuals also took photos of military facilities, some vehicles with lots of antennas were seen near places where Armed Forces conducted activities.  

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Swedish army decided to tighten security after the incidents.

"Everyone must realize that this is how it looks now, this actually takes place in Sweden and we must take it very seriously. Espionage is a new reality in Sweden", said Mikael Frisell, head of the Military Region North.

Several days ago Sweden stationed permanent troops on Baltic Sea island GotlandSweden's Supreme Commander has ordered 150 soldiers that were training on the island of Gotland to stay put.

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