Russia-Poland relations: Russian State Duma also suggests to recognize Volhynia Massacre as genocide

15:33 Jul. 29, 2016

Russian State Duma also suggests to recognize Volhynia Massacre as genocide

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev addresses the State Duma, Russian parliament lower chamber, in Moscow, Russia, April 19, 2016. (AP Photo)

Authors of the initiative hope the move will help to improve Russia-Poland relations

Members of Russia's Communist Party have come up with the initiative to follow the footstep of Poland and also recognize the mass killings of Poles in Volhynia during WWII as genocide, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reports on Friday.

"The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation sends its sincere condolences to the Polish people in connection with a national tragedy, and expresses its profound solidarity with the Sejm of the Republic of Poland on the issue of recognition of the crimes committed by the Ukrainian nationalists on the territory of Volyn as genocide," the document says.

"This statement of the State Duma is intended to defend the truth about the Great Patriotic (Second World) War, its heroes, and victims," - add the Russian communists.

Deputies said they believe that "the protection of memory about the historic events of that time against the politically motivated reevaluations and distortion will not only guarantee the inadmissibility and impossibility of rehabilitation of Nazism and its accomplices but will also improve the Russian-Polish relations."

As earlier reported, on July 22 the Polish Sejm has recognized the Volhynia massacre as genocide and established July 11 as a National day of mourning and remembrance of its victims.

Ukrainian politicians voiced their disappointment with the decision, while historians called it a misunderstanding.

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