News from Latvia: Russian submarines, warships, military aircraft again spotted near Latvia

19:20 Sep. 4, 2016

Russian submarines, warships, military aircraft again spotted near Latvia

Yachts sail past the new Russian kilo class Veliky Novgorod diesel-electric submarine during Russian Navy day at the Vistula lagoon in Baltiysk, Russia, July 31, 2016 (Getty Images)

Baltic State repeatedly reports that both Russian warships and warplanes approach its borders

On September 3 and 4, Latvia's National Armed Forces again spotted Russian Navy ships and submarines near the country's border (in the country's exclusive economic zone) and reported on this on Twitter.

Latvia has repeatedly stated that both Russian warships and warplanes approach its borders.

"On September 3, the Russian Kilo-class and Finik-class submarines were detected at a 10 nautical mile distance from the border of Latvia's territorial waters", the statement reads. 

Also on Saturday, September 3, Latvian officials detected a Russian Parchim-class corvette at a 22 nautical mile distance from Latvia's border and a Russian submarine at a 23 nautical mile distance from the country's territorial waters.

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On Sunday, September 4, a Russian Kashtan-class SS-750 warship was spotted off the Latvian cost. 

Also, on September 4, a Russian Tu-134 plane and two Su-27 jet fighters were detected over the Baltic Sea neutral waters, near the maritime border of Latvia. 


Sukhoi Su 27 fighter jets from the Russkiye Vityazi [Russian Knights] aerobatic team perform stunts over Sevastopol during the closing ceremony of the Crimean leg of the 2016 Aviadarts military aviation competition

On August 12, a Russian aircraft was intercepted by NATO forces, and on August 6, three Russian warships were again detected near Latvia.

270 incidents involving Russian military aircraft and ships approaching Latvian borders were reported in 2015.

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