Governor resigned: Saakashvili accuses Poroshenko of corruption support (LIVE updates)

14:02 Nov. 7, 2016

Saakashvili accuses Poroshenko of corruption support (LIVE updates)

Mikheil Saakashvili (UNIAN Photo)

Mikheil Saakashvili explains his resignation with insurmountable corruption and lack of support from the President

Below is the translation of part of Saakashvili's speech in Odesa on November, 7th. Today he announced the resignment from the position of Odesa region governor.

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18.36. Presidential team impeded Saakashvili - Leshenko

Mikheil Saakashvili's initiatives on reforms and anticorruption policies were torpedoed by president Poroshenko's team because of former Odesa region governor's reluctance to turn his blind eye on corruption among the superior authorities, a member of Ukrainian parliament and journalist Sergiy Leshenko claimed in his comment on TV. 

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"I know that Saakashvili used to face sabotage. Because Poroshenko feels Saakashvili as his political rival", Leshenko said. 

18.14. Saakashvili lacked for principal office in Ukraine to reach a positive result - Kipiani

Mikheil Saakashvili governor office was not authority-saturated enough for him in Ukraine, journalist Vakhtang Kipiani wrote on his Facebook page. 

"I believe Saakashvili will be drawn into history as a man who turned the country away from the criminal Soviet brutishness. I'm grateful to him for this. It was beyond the possible, but he made it. Though entering the Ukrainian politics through the third-grade state office, on which you can't make anything without the president's, parliament's and government's will, was a mistake. Not a disaster, surely. But a-priory he couldn't show the results he was able to reach on such an office. And the results awaited by many", he noted. 

17.24. Saakashvili resigned with understanding of being used by the president Poroshenko - Nayyem

Afer quitting his office, Mikhail Saakashvili gets a chance to reload his positions in Ukrainian politics, a Ukrainian PM and Interior Ministry official Mustafa Nayyem claimed on his Facebook page. 

"I hope this is a sincere step which will help Mikheil Saakashvili understand what he really wants and use his political influence righteously. Mikheil knew in details about the games conducted behind his back. Sooner or later he had to face the truth and admit that the president was trying to use him. Firstly, as a ram stone against Yatseniuk, and then as a locomotive for an "alternative" political project.  I respect Mikheil sincerely for what he managed to make in Georgia. And have a big hope he'll stop hide-and-seeking with the president, the prime minister, prosecutor general, with himself and his potential partners", Nayyem wrote. 

17.20. Saakashvili would have proved successful if Ukrainian president had wanted it - Zalishuk

Without desire and support from Ukrainian president Poroshenko, Saakashvili was doomed to fail, as well as other reform bidders in Ukraine, A New Citizen Public Campaign official Svitlana Zalishuk claimed on her Facebook page. 

"Saakashvili's resign revealed that the pendulum of reforms has reached his peak and turned back in the opposite direction. We are still capable to reduce the amplitude of this oscillation", she noted. 

16.20. Saakashvili 'a natural born destroyer' - interior minister adviser 

A former Odessa governor was invited to Ukrainian presidential team to dismantle the old corrupted authority system there and provide vital reforms but failed because of his egoism and bent for loud PR, the interior minister of Ukraine adviser Anton Herashenko wrote on his Facebook page. 

In Herashenko's opinion, the story of Saakashvili shows that no person from abroad can provide prosperity and safety for the Ukrainians instead of Ukrainians themselves. 

15.45. Saakashvili 'lost support of the supreme Ukrainian authorities' - Georgian UNM party leader

After losing support from the principal authorities of Ukraine, Saakashvili was compelled to resign, the Georgian United National Movement party leader David Darchiashvili claimed. 

"His decision to quit his office was determined by the current sociopolitical system in Ukraine", he also noted. His party is considered a principal opposition movement in Georgia and was created with the participation of Saakashvili. 

In Darchiashvili's opinion, the former Odessa region governor will stay in Ukrainian politics as an independent opposition actor. 

15.17. 'Saakashvili will not leave Ukraine' - ex-prosecutor general Sakvarelidze

Mikhail Saakashvili won't leave Ukraine and will conduct an active political vigorous political career, ex-prosecutor general Sakvarelidze said. 

"Mikhail Saakashvili is a unordinary politic and of a positively high level. Despite all the presidential administration's efforts, they failed making Saakashvili a whipping boy", he claimed in his commentary. 

Odessa region's former governor has a clear understanding of society's aspirations amid the present disorder, and he always acted according to these demands, Sakvarelidze stressed. 

14.57. All documents for resignation are already filed - Saakashvili's aide

Mikhail Saakashvili has filed all the documents needed for his resignation, the former Odesa region governor press secretary Daryna Chizh said. 

President Poroshenko will approve this resignation when the appropriate government request is filed, a presidential press official told. 

"True reasons of his quitting office will also be analysed", the presidential administration spokesperson said. 

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14.50. 'I helped to oust PM Yatseniuk' - Saakashvili

Former Odesa region governor Mikheil Saakashvili claimed that he helped driving a former Ukrainian prime minister from his office in April 2016. Pariticaping in ousting the PM, he hoped to boost toppling corruption, he also explained at his press conference. 

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13.14. Juriy Zhuravel, a famous Ukrainian cartoonist reacted with his own vision of today Saakashvili's resignation

"The Georgian got overcharged, failed to cope with this, took offence and resigned", he wrote on his Facebook page


13.19. Saakashvili will look for a job in another format - Democratic Alliance Party chairman

Saakashvili stopped being effective within the system of Poroshenko's authorities, and so decided to quit his office, the Democratic Alliance Party chairman wrote on his Facebook page. 

Both Gatsko and Saakashvili were engaged in organising anti-corruption forums throughout Ukraine. 

"There may be different views toward Saakashvili, but also there is one undoubted "but". Saakashvili is a politician knowing that actual voter support is formed with not only sweet rhetorics but also with deeds and successes. He's positively a politician heading for success, and he gnaws it out at first opportunity. So his resignation means admitting the fact that within Poroshenko's vertical of power, any at least smallest successes are impossible for him. He just stopped being efficient in an overt union with the President. This means he will look for a job in another format. Saakashvili is also a resource for changes in the country, worth being used by proactive part of the Ukrainian society", Gatsko said.


13.00. Saakashvili accuses Poroshenko of corruption and influence on governing the region

In his resignation speech, Saakashvili accused the Ukrainian president of corruption and blocking his work in the office of Odessa region governor.

"I am not going to tolerate it any longer, I am fed up with it and I am tired of it. I want to say – no one ever lied to me that much in my whole life, lied so cynically. That's why I want to say: in this situation, telling the truth, the last straw was that e-declaring.

When I see these insolent mugs, I really cannot say anymore, that here, and all over Ukraine say impudently they have billions in cash… And they receive social aid from the state, take it from those pensioners that ask with trembling hands, gathering the last coins together so they don't die from hunger… Meanwhile, the only thing I see is that not a single decent civil servant, who started to work from scratch, gets any protection. They are absolutely helpless because the high power from Kyiv lets loose all those Presmans, Goncharenkos and their lap dogs upon these civil servants. 

The president personally supports two gangs in Odesa region. One is a criminal, bandit gang, a clan of Trukhanov killers from 1990th. The other is Ismail corruptionist's clan of Urbansky. The real power in the region was given to these two and their allies, separatists from "Nash Kray" of Anton Kisse. It happens in plain daylight. Odesa region is surrendered not only to kleptocrats but to Ukraine's enemies. I am not going to be silent and I am really tired of this.

In this situation, I have decided to resign and start a new period of fighting.

May they not hope and not expect to get rid of me. I am the soldier that goes as much as he can, and then as much as needed.", Saakashvili said.


12.26. BREAKING: Saakashvili announces resignation as Odesa Governor

Odesa region police chief Giorgi Lortkipanidze also resigned today morning.

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After Crimea was annexed by Russia, the military-strategic role of Odesa region significantly grew and became crucial for Ukraine's security.  Three biggest seaports of the country are situated there, as well as big industrial zones. 

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