Savchenko in Moscow: Savchenko crossed Russian border on second attempt, her sister explains
Politics14:07 Oct. 26, 2016

Savchenko crossed Russian border on second attempt, her sister explains

Ukrainian MP arrived in Moscow by plane from Belarus

Freed Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadiya Savchenko suggested other parliamentarians to join her on the trip to Moscow, but all of them refused – either due to the entry ban or security concerns, her sister Vira told TSN news journalists.

Responding to the criticism as to Savchenko's trip to Russia, Vira said her sister managed to get through on the second attempt.

First leg of the trip Nadiya flew to Minsk. Accompanied by her aide, Russian lawyer Ilya Novikov then drive to Moscow by car, but they were stopped on the Belarus-Russia border.

After two hours of waiting, a high-ranking military officer advised Savchenko to cross the border by plane. So Savchenko took an early morning flight to Moscow on October 26, and arrived in Russia by herself.

According to Vira, her sister does not plan to stay in Moscow as in the evening she will fly back home. Nadiya Savchenko is accompanied in Moscow by the Ukrainian consul.

Savchenko came to Moscow to attend Russia's Supreme Court hearing on the appeal against the sentencing of Ukrainians Stanislav Klykh and Mykola Karpyuk, who were slapped with up to 22 years in prison for fighting in the 1990s Chechnya war.

She explained that despite security fears, it was important to support Ukrainian political prisoners:

"I personally know how important it is when you see a Ukrainian in court, when you hear your native language, when someone shouts 'Glory to Ukraine!'" she said in a video recorded before her departure, posted on her Facebook page on Wednesday morning.

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