: Savchenko's health deteriorates as she continues hunger strike

13:50 Apr. 10, 2016

Savchenko's health deteriorates as she continues hunger strike

Nadiya Savchenko sits in a glass cage during a trial in the town of Donetsk, Rostov-on-Don region, Russia, March 9, 2016 (AP Photo)

Lawyers and Ukrainian Foreign Ministry express deep concern over critical state of Ukrainian political prisoner

Ukrainian military pilot Nadiya Savchenko continues her hunger strike in the detention facility of a Russian town of Novocherkassk, protesting her abduction from Ukraine and illegal conviction. It has now been four days since Savchenko stopped consuming any food or water.

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Despite numerous appeals by world leaders, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, and human rights organizations to let Ukrainian doctors see Savchenko, Russian authorities continue to ignore the pleas.

In her written statement Savchenko notified detention facility's officials that she refuses to be examined by Russian doctors.

"Her health was not examined before the start of the hunger strike and there is no information about her current state. There is also no prison hospital in the place where she is detained, so she cannot be given a proper medical assistance in case of sudden health deterioration," Savchenko's lawyer Nikolai Polozov wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday (April 10).

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"It should be understood that any talks about extradition/exchange of Nadiya Savchenko are totally unconfirmed right now. The only person in Russia, who can decide her fate is Russia's President Putin. But he is keeping silent," Polozov said commenting on numerous media speculations about Savchenko's return to Ukraine.

On April 9 Ukrainian Foreign Ministry issued a statement expressing deep concern over the critical deterioration of her health. The Ministry demanded to immediately allow Ukrainian doctors and consuls to visit Savchenko:

"Such actions of the Russian authorities demonstrate the neglect of universal norms of international humanitarian and national law and are considered attempts to cover up the real state of Nadiya Savchenko's health, to mislead the world community and create a direct threat to her life", the statement said.

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Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called upon the leaders of democratic countries to increase the pressure on Russia and force it to make a step forward to the implementation of the Minsk agreements and to immediately release Ukrainian political prisoners.

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