: Savchenko's release expected by the end of summer - lawyer

16:35 Apr. 28, 2016

Savchenko's release expected by the end of summer - lawyer

Demonstration in support of Savchenko (UNIAN Photo)

Ukrainian pilot is in process of filing papers necessary for extradition

Nadiya Savchenko could be released from the Russian prison by the end of the summer. The procedure of the extradition is expected to take at least several months. This is according to one of Savchenko's lawyers Nikolai Polozov.

Polozov says the Ukrainian pilot is going to sign all the relevant papers tomorrow, April 29. However, after that, the documents need to be approved by the court.

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"The (Russian) Ministry of Justice must pass them to a court, and they need to make this decision. And they also need to receive a document that says Ukraine fully recognises the verdict", explained Polozov in an interview.

The lawyer adds the extraction takes up to six months on average. Additionally, Ukraine needs to make similar arrangements for the Russian soldiers captured in Donbas.

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"This whole procedure is a certain exchange in a political way. And the verdict on Yerofeyev and Aleksandrov has not come in force yet. They need to follow the same procedure. So we can say the extradition could happen until the end of this summer", Polozov predicted.

Earlier Savchenko's other lawyer Mark Feygin said her verdict could be appealed to the European Court of Human Rights.

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