: Savchenko says she is ready to become Ukraine's Defence Ministry

10:08 Jul. 3, 2016

Savchenko says she is ready to become Ukraine's Defence Ministry

Ukrainian MP and delegate to PACE Nadiya Savchenko (UNIAN Photo)

MP believes that Ukraine has too many generals

Ukrainian MP and delegate to PACE Nadiya Savchenko (who was recently released and brought back from Russia to Ukraine) announced she is ready to become Ukraine's Defence Minister. She said that in her interview with Ukraine's TV channel 112.

"I would agree to (be Ukraine's Defence Minister). According to our system, a captain, not a colonel, can be in charge of a brigade. The captain can cope with these tasks - for example, when the Kramatorsk airfield was seized by pro-Russian separatists, one (Ukrainian) group was led by a colonel, the second - by a major and a third - by a captain. Only the captain reached a destination with his group", said Savchenko.

Nadiya Savchenko believes that Ukraine's General Staff is overstaffed and she would rather get many people sacked.

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"Thus, the captain rank corresponds to that of a lieutenant colonel, commander of the brigade, division, and battalion. A colonel and a brigade commander corresponds to the level of the General Staff. The rest of the General Staff comprises just battalions under colonels and generals - who are too many. It just slows everything that is going there. I would have legalized the army that is really effective and brushed away everything (everyone) that obtains money, develops corruption and harms those who (fighting) at the forefront ", said the Ukrainian MP.

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Savchenko also said a court-martial must consider crimes committed in the warzone in eastern Ukraine.

Stepan Poltorak is Ukraine's Defence Ministry of Defence. He holds this position since 14 October 2014.

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