: Since the Donbas war burst out nearly 3,000 Ukrainians were released
Politics19:22 Mar. 23, 2016

Since the Donbas war burst out nearly 3,000 Ukrainians were released

According to official statistics 112 Ukrainians are still kept in captivity

These people fought for freedom, and this is why Russian-backed separatist forces tortured them.

According to official statistics since the beginning of the war in Donbas region thousands of Ukrainians were captured and imprisoned. By now nearly 3,000 have been freed.

Ivan lost his left ear a year ago. He was captured in October 2014 when the Russian-backed separatists surrounded his blockpost. Ivan says his friends called him on the phone asking for help.

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The soldiers set off immediately but were imprisoned on the way. Later the terrorists brought them to Luhansk hospital. Ivan says he thought those were his lasts days.

Ivan, released Ukrainian prisoner: "They told me to choose - heart, testicules or ear? I chose the ear." 

Now Ivan lives in the town of Bila Tserkva in Kyiv region. He works as a security guard. After his release the first thing he did was buy a cat. Now Murchyk shares the household.

Iryna brought this dog from Donbas region. A military volunteer was captured during her 9th trip to the front. She says that day they already delivered the necessary goods to the Ukrainian soldiers. But the Russian-backed separatist forces caught their car on the way back.

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Iryna, released Ukrainian prisoner: "I hardly managed to hide the flag. Otherwise they would have shot us dead." 

Iryna was held in captivity for 103 days. In Antratsyt, that is Luhansk region, Russian-backed separatists cut off her finger and broke some facial bones. Iryna is sure they tormented her just for fun.

This woman's son is still imprisoned. Ivan from Rivne region was caught more than a year ago. His father died without meeting with son, the wife left the family taking away their daughter. But soldier's mother says she is constantly waiting for her son to come back home.

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Another woman is also awaiting her child's return. Her son Oleksiy is in captivity since August 2014. His mother did not know he was going to war. And only found out about his imprisonment from a TV report.

According to official data, Russian-backed separatists are still keeping more than 112 Ukrainians hostage.



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