: Soloshenko: "I met Russian army officers imprisoned for supporting Ukraine"

15:50 Jun. 18, 2016

Soloshenko: "I met Russian army officers imprisoned for supporting Ukraine"

Yuriy Soloshenko, front, the Ukrainian political prisoner who recently was released from Russia (UNIAN photo)

The Ukrainian political prisoner was released from Russia on June 14

Yuriy Soloshenko, the Ukrainian political prisoner who was released from Russian captivity this week, says he met and talked to Russian army officers in the prison hospital, Euromaidan Press reports.

According to Soloshenko, they readily named the numbers of Russian military units sent to fight in Ukraine.

"I was with Russian officers who described what was happening, told me the numbers of military units and the names of the soldiers who were sent to fight in Ukraine. I know for a fact that if not for Russian intervention, we'd be living peacefully and quietly in our country."

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Yuriy Soloshenko stated that these Russian army officers were imprisoned because they disagreed with Russian aggression in Ukraine.

"They were in prison because they share our thoughts about Crimea and the situation in eastern Ukraine. Of course, they're facing other charges, too. They've been charged with insubordination. They're highly respectable people; they have many medals and decorations."

73-year-old Soloshenko, the former director of Ukraine's Poltava-based Znamya defense plant, was accused of purchasing goods for constructing anti-aircraft warfare for the Ukrainian army and sentenced in Russia to six years in high-security prison.

On June 14 Yuriy Soloshenko together with photographer Hennadiy Afanasyev were exchanged for two Ukrainian citizens suspected of separatism and treason - namely two journalists from Odesa, Olena Hlishchinska and Vitaliy Didenko.

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