: South Korea confirms the first Zika virus case on its territory
Politics15:10 Mar. 22, 2016

South Korea confirms the first Zika virus case on its territory

43-year-old Korean travelled to Brazil for business purposes

The first case of Zika virus has been registered in South Korea, confirmed by the Centre for disease control on Tuesday. They say the patient has recently been to Brazil where he presumably caught the fever.

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"The patient is a 43-year-old male. He visited Brazil for 22 days from February 17th to March 9th, 2016 for business purposes. He was bitten by mosquitoes in the north-eastern region of Brazil," South Korean Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Jung Ki-Suck said.

The Zika outbreak started in Brazil. More than 860 cases of the disease have now been registered in that country. The World Health Organisation suspects there is a relationship between the Zika infection in pregnancy and microcephaly. The condition is defined by unusually small heads that can result in developmental problems. The Zika epidemic has been declared a global public health emergency by the WHO.



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