: Special division to fight Russian propaganda in Czechia

13:52 May. 26, 2016

Special division to fight Russian propaganda in Czechia

T-shirts depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin (AP Photo)

Czech Interior Ministry creates team to monitor and filter Russian and foreign disinformation

Czech Ministry of the Interior initiates a creation of a special division to combat Russian and foreign propaganda. The team is expected to consist of 30 specialists, who will monitor and filter pro-Russian media as well as the Internet in general.

This is reported by Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec, according to the country's news agency Ceska Televize.

"We need to react to it (propaganda), and in order to do it, we need to know what they publish", Chovanec said.

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It is established, the newly-found team will learn to quickly react and draw government's attention to the potential disinformation.

Ceska Televize also claims, the Kremlin's propaganda mainly targets the Baltic states, where a large amount of Russian-speakers live. However, Czechia is also considered "object of the informational war" by Russia.

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As an example, the agency provides an article in Russian media. It calls the Czech Republic "a country divided between the German and Slavic worlds". There are also dozens of the pro-Russian websites which operate in Czechia.

"They pay a lot of attention to the Ukrainian crisis, Ukraine's government is considered fascists. And the U.S. is said to want to rule the world. Unclear ownership of these website raises a question, who funds them and how?", the journalists say.

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A year ago Brussels created a similar team, which started to analyze the Russian propaganda. According to the specialists, Moscow often twist facts about global issues, like the migrant crisis and security threats, to create emotional tension.

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