Avdiivka industrial zone: "Stalkers" in the most dangerous spot in Ukraine - Avdiivka industrial zone
Politics18:12 Nov. 8, 2016

"Stalkers" in the most dangerous spot in Ukraine - Avdiivka industrial zone

Though one can be killed in that zone faster than in Chornobyl, fighters never lose their strong sense of courage... and even try to rap

The most unexpected thing after a combat clash with the enemy - would be Ukrainian soldiers rapping.

It is highly impressive when adrenaline and talent mix and these rappers start their chanted rhyming lyrics. The idea to repel a fierce attack and then right after create lyrics - it would be interesting to let famous singers repeat the same.

The Avdiivka industrial zone is the place where militant shelling can kill faster than radiation in Chornobyl. Enemy forces are so close here that they might hear the songs from Ukrainian trenches. But Ukrainians also know pretty much, for example, when separatists hold their rotations. The gang formation "Somali" has been substituted by fresh forces.

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"Can you hear shelling?"
"Is it from their side?"
"Yes, from theirs"

The correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko said the new militant unit is testing the strength of Ukrainian servicemen. However, the latter know where enemy's firing positions are and how to respond to their offense.

The Avdiivka industrial zone is a former warehouse area, repair rooms, and production facilities in the south-eastern part of Avdiivka town. It neighbors the Donetsk-Horlivka highway. The front line is right next to the road. Since March 2016, the highway is under fire control of Ukrainian combatants. It allowed Ukraine's army to cut the connection between the two enclaves. Without the control over this highway, Russian proxies cannot advance into Ukrainian positions as a single force.

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One can see the highway without any problems. As well as the militants, their lines are drawn up just beyond the fence.

The industrial zone is two kilometers of nothing but debris. Each and every step here can be the last.

"We are stalkers", lords of the area. This area where the government-controlled territory ends really reminds us of mysterious landscapes of the movie "Stalker" by Andriy Tarkovskyi. It was recognized as one of the best science fiction films of the latter half of the 20th century.

Oleksandr Samarskyi, second commander of the 72nd brigade: There is a novel by the brothers Strugatski which almost replicates our situation. You come here and have no idea if you can return.

It's up to 100 meters till the next relatively safe building. But the territory is exposed to militant fire, so fast running is a must. If one can reach the final destination, then it is considered an exam pass on survival.

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The fighter is covering the journalists. There are enemy snipers everywhere. If the sniper sees camera lights, he will shoot. In order to disguise their firing positions, militants widely use silencers and flame suppressors.

"Prometheus", fighter of 72nd brigade: We need a thermal imaging device or thermal aiming.

Today, the zone's fighters are being visited by many generals to express their support and present special insignias, for defenders of the Avdiivka industrial zone. The badges read "Industrial zone. Fight to the death". After the battle, it's a true appreciation for the soldiers.

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