Special forces: Tampa group is to help Ukraine to set up new commando HQ - Tampabay

18:20 Nov. 16, 2016

Tampa group is to help Ukraine to set up new commando HQ - Tampabay

US Navy at military drills (AP Photo)

The Global Special Operations Forces Foundation, based in Tampa, USA, will help Ukraine with structuring a special operations command

The Global SOF Foundation is to provide advocacy and advice for special operations forces in Ukraine, reports Tampabay. Their task is to help Ukrainian militaries to create a unified command that synchronizes forces to fight using unconventional tactics.

The Tampa group will share the best practices for commando warfare.

Founder of Global SOF Fundation Stu Bradin said, speaking of the Ukraine commandos: "These guys will fight till the last drop of blood. These are rock hard nationalists. I have never seen a more motivated group of people not afraid to die for their country."

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Bradin recommended creating a flexible, rapidly deployable force that could react quickly through a limited command structure. He also recommended that the Ukraine forces work toward compatibility with NATO, the defense alliance of more than two dozen largely European nations. Ukraine is not a member.


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