: Terrorist attack thwarted by Ukraine's Security Service

19:28 Jun. 6, 2016

Terrorist attack thwarted by Ukraine's Security Service

Photo source: ssu.gov.ua

Frenchman suspected of plotting Euro 2016 attack arrested at Ukraine border

Ukraine's Security Service top official says a potentially deadly terrorist attack on France was averted by his team. Vasyl Hrytsak, the head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) stated during a briefing "the SBU managed to prevent a series of 15 attacks which were planned in France during Euro 2016 that will begin on June 10," according to Interfax-Ukraine News Agency.

Hrytsak elaborated on the targets the suspect mentioned while in custody. Among them several religious buildings including a synagogue and a mosque, major highways and the tax agency building.

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"In December 2015 we found out that a French citizen arrived inUkraine, who under the guise of volunteering began to establish contacts with representatives of some military units in the east of our country," Hrytsak declared.

The SBU head also noted that the Frenchman promised to provide volunteer assistance, to bring equipment and other things. "But in the process of further dialogue, he began to take interest in whether it is possible to buy weapons, explosives, and other means of destruction in Ukraine."

According to Hrytsak the investigation revealed that the accused Frenchman obtained five AK-47s, over five thousand bullets, two rocket-propelled grenades, 18 shells for them, 125 kilos of TNT, 100 detonators and 20 balaclavas.

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"I think there is no need to explain what destruction would have been caused with 125 kilograms of explosives," Hrytsak continued.

The head of Ukraine's Security Service also elaborated on the extent of the work in the case, he admitted that it lasted for about six months, including detailed documentation of the suspect's every step.

The alleged terrorist was arrested at the Yagodyn checkpoint on the border with Poland on May 21.

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