News from Crimea: So-called 'Crimean authorities' make people vote at upcoming Duma elections
Politics17:29 Sep. 11, 2016

So-called 'Crimean authorities' make people vote at upcoming Duma elections

Human rights advocate says they frighten local residents with dismissal and salary cut

The head of the Crimean Human Rights Group, Olha Skrypnyk, says the Russian occupation authorities in Crimea force people to vote at the upcoming parliamentary elections under the pretext of dismissal and salary cut.

"We have received several messages that the de-facto "Crimean authorities" use an administrative resource to make people go to polling places. For example, under the pretext of dismissal or salary cut. We collect such  information and if we have some facts confirmed, we will write more about it", Olha Skrypnyk told the news agency "112 Ukraine".

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By holding elections to the Russian State Duma in the territory of Crimea, Russia wants to legitimize its presence on the peninsula.

"In the context of international law, these elections have no legal grounds", the human rights advocate said.  

The elections to Russia's State Duma will be held on September 18. with elections also planned to be held on the territory of annexed Crimea.

Earlier, Russia called on Ukraine to ensure the safety of the four polling stations in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Kharkiv on the territory of Russian diplomatic missions. However, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared that no Russian elections will be held in Ukraine

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