Donbas conflict: Ukraine learned to avoid risks Russian OSCE members pose, Ukraine FM says
Politics11:46 Oct. 28, 2016

Ukraine learned to avoid risks Russian OSCE members pose, Ukraine FM says

Pavlo Klimkin on road map, local election in Donbas, OSCE mission 

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin hinted that some OSCE SMM monitors from Russia pose risks to Ukraine. However, Kyiv has learned to avoid these risks, Klimkin said in an interview with Ukrainian media outlet 

Regarding the SMM, Russia is sadly present in the mission, but we have learned to make it so that the threats are not oriented at us', Mr. Klimkin said.

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The Minister added, it is crucial that the mission is working 24/7, monitoring not only the conflict areas, but also the Ukrainian-Russian border, currently controlled by the militants.

In order to achieve that, the mission's mandate must be expanded, provided with all the necessary technical equipment and weapons. 

Touching upon the matter of the road map, Klimkin said the sides only have a month to compose the document. Ukraine insists that the security steps must be implemented first, before the political measures can come in.

‘The road map is an order of steps and the guarantee that Russia will implement these steps. Of course, if we have the common will. I don't see that Russia has the will to move forward', Klimkin said.

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‘Debaltseve is a fundamental condition', the Minister continued.  ‘Debaltseve is the Russian attack during the Minsk negotiations. This town is important not only politically or militarily, but also emotionally. However, we have the line, which was dictated by the Minsk agreements in September 2014', he stated, adding that possible local election will not be held in Debaltseve.

The sides were still far away from the election, Klimkin said, refusing to name even a hypothetical date. He pointed out that the implementation of any road map wouldn't be ‘ideal' as a period of adjustment should be expected as well as possible provocations and ‘unpleasant surprises'. 

Source: 24TV (In Ukrainian) 

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