: 'This War Is Useless': Russian mercenary captured by Ukrainian troops in Donbas (video)

13:12 Jul. 12, 2016

'This War Is Useless': Russian mercenary captured by Ukrainian troops in Donbas (video)

Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline (UNIAN Photo)

The detainee urges all militants to go back home to Russia

Ukraine's State Security Service officers (SBU) have published a video showing one of the Russian mercenaries captured in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine on July 11.

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The Russian militant says"I am a citizen of the Russian Federation. I am here (in Ukraine) because I am serving in the 7th Brigade of the 6th squadron of the 2nd motor rifle brigade. I am a platoon commander, and a senior lieutenant. I came to Krasny Luch (a militant-held town in the Luhansk region, eastern Ukraine) in March 2016...

My duties included providing security and cover for my positions. There were seven people where my positions were...

I was about to leave from here (from the conflict zone), I wrote letters to some airports, but they didn't let me go... I was going to come back to Russia in August, they wait for me there. I think this was is useless, we are just killing each other. 

I am urging all those who have families and who came here, to go back home (to Russia). Guys, go home. I am grateful to your (Ukrainian) doctors, for helping me, for saving my leg... I am treated like a human being here. Thank you all. My thanks to Ukrainian soldiers for saving my life". 


STORY: On July 11, Ukrainian soldiers together with the SBU officers captured Russian mercenaries in combat clashes in the conflict zone - near the village of Troitske, in the Luhansk region, eastern Ukraine.

The military press office reported: "On late July 11, 2016, the enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group of 23 militants launched an offensive against the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Troitske and took up a battle with Ukrainian military. Our soldiers repelled the core group who withdrew, leaving three wounded".

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One of those militants who were left behind – 40-year-old Nathan Tsakirov, born in Omsk, (a Russian city in southwestern Siberia) - died from a gunshot wound.

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The other two were detained. One of the raiders is a platoon commander of illegal armed formations - a Russian citizen, coming from the city of Syevyerodvinsk in the Arkhangelsk region (north of European Russia).

Ukraine's security service officers confiscated the mercenaries' documents and personal weapons. 

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 Photo source - Ukraine's State Security Service   

The fact, that the militant subversive group comprised at least two Russians once again proves the Russian aggression against Ukraine was well-planned. It also testifies to Russia's reluctance to help de-escalate the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the SBU reports. 

The captured Russian-born mercenary thanked Ukrainian military for providing him with medical care and an opportunity to stay alive. He will be tried with compliance with the Ukrainian legislation.

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