News from Donbas: Three civilians wounded as militants disperse rally in Donbas - intel

14:14 Jul. 18, 2016

Three civilians wounded as militants disperse rally in Donbas - intel

A Pro-Russian fighter stands guard in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, Saturday, June 21, 2014, with a statue of Soviet Union founder Vladimir Lenin in the background (AP Photo)

Discontent with Russian occupation forces grows among local residents

Three civilians were shot and wounded after Russia-backed militants dispersed a rally in the militant-occupied part of Donbas (eastern Ukraine).

Ukraine's Intellegence Service reports on that on Facebook.

According to Ukraine's intelligence officers, local residents showed a growing discontent with presence and activities of Russian forces in the temporarily occupied territories of eastern Ukraine.

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"On July 17, servicemen of the 1st separate motorized rifle brigade (the militant-held town of Komsomolske) of the 1st Army Corps (Donetsk) seriously injured three peaceful residents following the dispersal of a spontaneous rally against locating firing positions of artillery units in residential areas of the city. To conceal what happened, Russian occupation officers spread rumours that local residents were shot by a retired soldier who suffered a mental disorder," the statement reads.

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