: Transit war flares up between Russia and Ukraine

15:05 Jul. 5, 2016

Transit war flares up between Russia and Ukraine

Drivers are expecting to be allowed to enter Russia in Ukraine's Sumy region (UNIAN Photo)

Ukraine readies "mirror response" to Russia's transit ban which blocked 50 trucks with Ukrainian goods near Smolensk

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers has worked out the mirror measures against the Russian Federation. On July 1 Moscow introduced additional restrictive measures against the transit of Ukrainian goods to other countries such as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, UNIAN reports. 

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Due to the Kremlin's decision, about 50 trucks with Ukrainian goods for Kazakh companies have been stuck in the Russian town of Smolensk, near the border with Belarus. 

According to the Government, the measures imposed by Russia are yet another flagrant violation of international obligations under the WTO agreement.

"It is clear that Russia's actions are not economically and legally justified, but they will lead to deterioration in trade relations with the third countries. They are discriminatory. We will impose the mirror sanctions in respect of goods and transit. We will raise the mirror duties on Russian goods," Ukraine's Economy Minister Stepan Kubiv said.

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Kubiv stressed that Ukraine was opposed to a trade war and did not consider the policy of "sword-to-sword and blood-to-blood" a solution. However, Kyiv will necessarily calculate the losses incurred by the Ukrainian business. And then, the country will require new solutions, developed in consolidated manner, with the participation of ministers, deputies and businesses.

One of these solutions, according to Kubiv, must be reformatting the exports, which have previously been directed to the Russian Federation and to the third states via the Russian Federation.

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