: Transparency International: More Ukrainians ready to report corruption to police

16:02 May. 16, 2016

Transparency International: More Ukrainians ready to report corruption to police

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National anti-corruption campaign unfolds with success

The number of Ukrainians who are ready to report the cases of corruption to the law enforcement agencies has increased by 32 percent. That's according to Transparency International (TI) Ukraine civil society organisation, who has announced the preliminary results of the national anti-corruption campaign 'They wouldn't keep silent!'.

"45.5 percent of Ukrainians are ready to report corruption to law enforcement and press for just punishment of bribe takers," the campaign's statement says. "Over the year, this number has increased by 32.5 percent."

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According to TI Ukraine, two percent of citizens are actual whistleblowers who take real steps: report crimes to police, prosecutor's offices, and security service, file lawsuits and publish their investigations.

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"People who openly demonstrate their negative attitude towards corruption and seek punishment for corrupt officials deserve respect," said Oleksandr Skopych, a member of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption.

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Skopych added the Agency plans to establish a reception office and a call centre, in addition to the already existing online system for citizens willing to report a corrupt officer.

"Since the campaign started, TI Ukraine has received and processed about 330 reportings, 36 of which investigated by law enforcement. In 20 cases the corrupt acts were stopped," he said.

As the statement reads, 16.5 percent of crimes reported by citizens to TI Ukraine over the last year were made in police and courts, 13 percent in education and public spheres.

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