USA president election: Trump says he would work with Russia to fight Islamic State - RFE/RL

09:39 Aug. 16, 2016

Trump says he would work with Russia to fight Islamic State - RFE/RL

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. (GettyImages)

Republican candidate intends to create black list of regions to ban its citizens from entering the U.S.A.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he would work with Russia to defeat the extremist Islamic State (ISIL) group and would introduce "extreme vetting" before allowing immigrants into the United States if he becomes president.

Trump, giving a foreign policy speech in the state of Ohio on August 15th focused on fighting Islamic extremists, said "we can never choose our friends, but we can never fail to recognize our enemies." He added that he would work "very closely with NATO on the mission" of fighting ISIL and other Islamist groups.

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Trump said he would construct a commission on "radical Islam" as one of his first acts as president and instruct the State Department to create a list of regions around the world in which no one would be allowed to immigrate to the United States.

The billionaire and former reality TV star also attacked his main competitor in the November 8th presidential election, Hillary Clinton, saying she lacked the "mental and physical stamina" to take on the "many adversaries that we face."

Earlier on August 15th, the Clinton campaign accused Trump and of having "pro-Putin policy stances" and said Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort should disclose his ties to "Russian or pro-Kremlin entities." That charge was based on a New York Times report that Manafort had received millions of dollars from the party of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who was pro-Russian.

Ukrainian officials are investigating the charges.

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Reported from RFE/RL

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