News from Turkey: Retraction of article "Turkey accuses Ukraine of participating in military coup"

18:29 Jul. 26, 2016

Retraction of article "Turkey accuses Ukraine of participating in military coup"

In this Thursday, July 21, 2016 file photo, pro-government supporters protest against the attempted coupon, on the road leading to Istanbul's iconic Bosporus Bridge, background left (AP Photo)

The previously published article contained misleading information and improper headline  

The article, named "Turkey accuses Ukraine of participating in military coup" contained information from a material, published in Russian by the Anadolu news agency, but with a different headline and rehashed text.

The changes to the text and headline were misleading and confusing and did not correspond to the original source. The article received enormous attention from our readers as well as Turkish officials.

We also contacted the Turkish Ambassador to Ukraine, Mr. Yonet Can Tezel, and offered him our sincere apologies. Here is his comment on the matter.

"This failed military coup attempt in Turkey was an assault on Turkish people's democratic way of life, to the elected Parliament, the government and the President. President Poroshenko in the early hours of the coup attempt conveyed his support clearly, support of the democratic process in Turkey, and we are grateful. There are entities in Ukraine, like in about 150 other countries, which are suspected to be somehow associated with the instigators of the coup attempt, Ukrainian authorities are aware of this and I believe they will take action, as they deem appropriate."

Ukraine Today editorial team

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