: U.S. Ambassador's advice on battling Russian propaganda

17:32 May. 27, 2016

U.S. Ambassador's advice on battling Russian propaganda

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt (UNIAN photo)

Geoffrey Pyatt shares thoughts on Russia's twisted vision of Ukraine

The U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt thinks that the best way for Kyiv to address the Kremlin propaganda is to deliver the truth.

He gave the comments at the media forum in Lviv, as news agency Interfax-Ukraine reports.

"It will be a big mistake to play the same game Russia does: to use information as a flexible product", the diplomat claimed.

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He says that there are more reasonable and efficient ways to fight with the Russian propaganda.

"The most efficient means for Ukraine to maintain the interest of Europe and the West as well as to get their support is to show that Ukraine is constantly working on developing democratic values, fighting corruption, forming new police and new army", the Ambassador explained.

Geoffrey Pyatt continues that Russia is trying to impose the image of Ukraine as a corrupted country which is controlled by oligarchs, where nothing has changed for the past years, however, living in Kyiv, he can assure this is a lie.

The diplomat adds that he visited Rome and Madrid for the past weeks and after meeting Italian and Spanish journalists, he saw how ill-informed they are and how they don't understand what is happening in Ukraine.

"They still have an image of Ukraine as of 2013. This is my job to explain to the world how it has changed", he further stated.

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