: U.S. analyst: Russia won't be able to conquer Latvia

14:52 Apr. 9, 2016

U.S. analyst: Russia won't be able to conquer Latvia

A serviceman of the Russian Eastern Military District's 5th combined arms army seen during exercises to fire 2S5 Giatsint-S 152 mm self-propelled guns at Sergeyevsky range. (Getty Images)

Phillip Karber predicts huge casualties for Russia in case of Baltic invasion

Russia cannot occupy Latvia within several hours, that's according to the President of the Potomac Foundation Phillip Karber. While addressing reporters, Karber admitted that Russian landing troops could be deployed in Riga within about two hours, but without reinforcement, they will be quickly defeated. He added Russian army "could approach Riga in about ten days. Perhaps, they will need even more time."

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Karber argued Russia would need to accumulate its forces prior to a possible Baltic invasion. It would take much time allowing NATO to deploy additional troops. Potomac Foundation President added fighting on a foreign territory will largely increase human losses for the Russian side. He gave the example of Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine, where the casualties of the attacking Russian army were six-seven times higher than those of the Ukrainian forces.

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Potomac Foundation is a U.S.-based research centre planning to consult the Latvian government on regional challenges and the war in eastern Ukraine.

In January, analysts from RAND Corporation stated that Russian army could occupy Tallinn and Riga in less than 60 hours.


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