: U.S. encourages Ukraine to continue fighting corruption

10:40 Apr. 15, 2016

U.S. encourages Ukraine to continue fighting corruption

White House press secretary Josh Earnest speaks during the daily news briefing at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, April 13, 2016 (AP Photo)

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says U.S. will keep on encouraging Ukraine to implement reforms  

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says that the United States expects a newly appointed Ukrainian government will continue reform and take further steps to fight against corruption.

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"Well, I know that they're working to form the full government.  And obviously the United States is committed to supporting our partners in Ukraine as they endure a difficult situation. Right now, they're facing some significant economic and fiscal challenges, some of which are being exacerbated by the security challenges that they're facing from Russia, who has repeatedly violated their territorial integrity", Earnest said on a peress briefing, held on April 14.

He also noted that U.S will continue to support reform implementation in Ukraine, highliting their importance for the country's economy stabilization and fighting against Russian interference. 

"And what we have said is that there are critically important reforms that include reforms related to fighting corruption that are going to be critical to Ukraine's longer-term success.  And we're going to continue to encourage Ukraine to implement those reforms and to stay - to remain conscientious in doing so and following through on them, because it will be critical to their longer-term ability to stabilize and strengthen their economy and prepare them to better weather the kind of interference that they're receiving from the Russians."

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Earnest refrained from commenting Volodymyr Groysman's appointment before the entire Cabinet of Ministers is complete.  

"Well, I wouldn't want to render judgment on this individual until the entire cabinet has been appointed here. But obviously we're going to stay in touch with the Ukrainian government, and we're still committed to supporting them through these challenging times", Ernst noted.

With reporting by UNIAN 

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