: U.S. to deploy a tank brigade of 4,000 troops to Europe in early February

11:23 May. 29, 2016

U.S. to deploy a tank brigade of 4,000 troops to Europe in early February

The U.S has been maintaining a persistent presence of rotating land forces on the ground in the Baltic States and Poland since April 2014 (AP Photo)

NATO beefs up its military presence in Europe as Kremlin steps up military activity

The U.S. Army will deploy a tank brigade to Europe for a constant rotational presence, in early February 2017.

This was reported by Ben Hodges, the U.S. Army Europe commander, in his interview with the Ukrainian news outlet Hromadske.

He said that about 4,000 troops will be deployed in Poland, the Baltic States, Romania and Bulgaria.

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Hodges also said that the U.S. military are now getting ready to support the Alliance's partners and friends, and demonstrate their willingness to fulfill their obligations.

"Russia would like to destroy E.U.'s unity and NATO's unity, create weakness and division, and I think they (Russia) will continue to do so. They want to be treated as a superpower. Russia should act as a superpower - to be responsible and looking for a way to reduce tensions in the region ", said the commander.

As earlier reported, Barack Obama wants to increase the budget for overseas military operations in emergency situations. USD 2.8 billion was allocated for the U.S. army needs for the next year.

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NATO also plans to increase a number of joint military exercises with allies and partners. A more detailed plan for strengthening the eastern and southern borders will be presented at the NATO summit in Warsaw, on July 9.

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