: 'U.S. will not lift Crimea sanctions unless peninsula is deoccupied'

14:30 May. 21, 2016

'U.S. will not lift Crimea sanctions unless peninsula is deoccupied'

U.S. State Department's Coordinator for Sanctions Policy Ambassador Daniel Fried. (AP Photo)

Anti-Russia sanctions expected to be prolonged

The U.S. sanctions against Russian-occupied Crimea will remain in place until the peninsula is deoccupied, said Daniel Fried, U.S. Coordinator for Sanctions Policy, in his interview to Ukrainian media outlet Dzerkalo Tyzhnya.

"The U.S. has already imposed separate sactions against Crimea," Fried stated. "[...] The position of the U.S. and Europe is that after the Minsk implementation we will lift sanctions against Russia, except the ones concerning Crimea, which will stay in place for as long as it is occupied. The Europeans agree with this."

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The U.S. official added, "we observe Crimea sanctions and are ready to do it further."

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