: Ukraine accuses UN of dragging its feet on sending peacekeeping mission to Donbas

13:39 Jun. 11, 2016

Ukraine accuses UN of dragging its feet on sending peacekeeping mission to Donbas

UN Peacekeepers ride on armored personnel carriers (AP photo)

Deputy FM appeals to the organization to help stop violence in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine cannot understand why the UN Security Council is irresponsive to the direct request to send peacekeeping mission to the temporarily occupied areas of Donbas.

Speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Minister Serhiy Kyslytsia said the official appeal of Kyiv "remains unheard"

"As a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council Ukraine knows firsthand that sometimes the Council cannot immediately respond to the threats to civilians because the host countries themselves prevent the rapid deployment of the peacekeeping mission. However, it is difficult to explain the inaction of the Security Council in response to the direct request for peacekeeping mission, whose presence on the ground would provide additional protection for civilians and would contribute to the cessation of violence," Kyslytsia was quoted as saying by the Ukrainian Ukrinform news agency.

The Ukrainian diplomat stressed that the Illegal armed groups with the direct support of the regular Armed Forces of Russia "continue to fight in parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine with disastrous consequences for civilians living there."

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He reminded that the locals have paid the highest price in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Thus, according to the UN data, about 2,000 of civilians have been killed since 2014 in armed clashes, mainly as a result of indiscriminate shelling of settlements from various artillery systems.

"In a situation when the decisions of the UN Security Council remain blocked, Ukraine is forced to use the other options at the regional level to establish an armed international presence in the occupied territories in order to protect civilians and ensure full implementation of the Minsk agreements," Kyslytsia said .

The Deputy Foreign Minister has once again called on the aggressor country to fulfill its obligations under the Minsk peace deal.

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