Occupied Crimea: Ukraine activists to mark Crimea blockade anniversary

12:56 Sep. 24, 2016

Ukraine activists to mark Crimea blockade anniversary

Crimean Tatars attend a commemoration meeting on Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, 18 May 2016. (GettyImages Photo)

They will march towards Russian position near occupied peninsula, Lenur Islyamov said

Ukrainian activists, including Crimean Tatars, are planning to ‘make their presence felt' in Russian-controlled Crimea, Lenur Islyamov, a coordinator of the trade blockade of the peninsula, announced in an interview with Ukraine's TV Channel 112.

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The event is expected to take place on September 24 as the activists mark the anniversary of the day the blockade was launched.

‘We are gathering a big column of cars, people arrive from Kherson, Odesa and other cities. We are going to start moving towards the checkpoint, holding Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar flags', Islyamov said.

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He emphasized the fact that it is going to be a ‘peaceful event'.

‘Mejlis head is going to lead the march, we are moving with the people, without weapons. We don't have a goal to take the Russians by storm', Islyamov said.

The Crimea blockade was started in September 2015, the activists cut off all the routes to the peninsula. 

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