Rebuilding Ukraine: Ukraine approves Donbas restoration concept
Politics15:39 Aug. 31, 2016

Ukraine approves Donbas restoration concept

The new strategy focuses on government-controlled territories of the conflict region  

Ukrainian government has approved a concept of restoration and development of peace in areas, that were freed from Russian-backed separatist forces.

‘The document includes restoration of critically-important objects, providing short-term social help, renewal of social payments and so on', Ukraine's Minister for temporarily occupied territories and IDPs, Vadym Chernysh said.

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According to Chernysh, the projects are expected to be implemented with the help of international donors. Approximately 150 non-governmental organizations and city councils contributed to the creation of the concept.

Ukrainian government hopes to receive at least USD 1,5 billion, most of which will be spent to restore the infrastructure.

The Ministry says, if the concept is implemented, Ukrainian economy will have seen a breakthrough by 2020. 

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