Echoes of WW2: Ukraine approves joint WW2 declaration with Poland, Lithuania

15:22 Oct. 20, 2016

Ukraine approves joint WW2 declaration with Poland, Lithuania

'Battle of the Dnipro river' Memorial at a Museum of The History of Ukraine in World War II. (GettyImages Photo)

Document puts responsibility on USSR and Germany for the World War, as well as international community for 'appeasement policy' 

Ukraine's Parliament has approved a joint World War 2 declaration of Remembrance and Solidarity with Poland and Lithuania that pays respects to the victims of the war in the three countries, and condemns ‘foreign aggressors'.

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The document, approved by 243 Ukrainian lawmakers, says that the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, also known as the Nazi-Soviet pact, had led to the second World War.

‘The pact between the two totalitarian regimes led to the explosion of World war 2, started by the German aggression and joined by the Soviet Union. The aftermath of these events was occupation of Poland by Germany and the USSR, and later the occupation of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia', the document says.

The document will reportedly be approved by Polish Sejm today, and the Lithuanian Parliament should do it sometime later.

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The text of the declaration also puts responsibility on the international community for ‘the lack of strong reaction to the escalation before the war' and its appeasement policy.

The document has been approved due to the ‘Russian aggression against Ukraine, that continues the predatory practice of the Soviet Union'. 

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